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CNET 아이폰 6 / 6플러스 악세서리 부분에서 아이오티 제품들이 최상위에 랭크되었습니다!

Written by David Carnoy."Top iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S car accessoriesWhile the majority of car accessories are compatible with nearly any smartphone, including the newer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, some are more iPhone-oriented than others.Here's a look at our top current picks that are best for the iPhone. As always, feel free to nominate your own favorites. We will be updating this round up as new products come out."Click link below to read the article! 

아이폰 6s/ 6 사용자를 위한 아이오티 iON 무선 충전 케이스 제품이 CNET에 소개되었습니다!

iOttie's pleased to announce that our iON Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6S/6 made it to CNETS best phone cases of CES 2016!Read more in the article below!

아이오티 레피드볼트 차량용 충전기

Check out the full RapidVolt review by Larry @ Run Around Teach! 

아이오티 엑티브 엣지 자전거 거치대 리뷰

Want to see a real user experience of the Active Edge Bike & Bar Mount? Check out this awesome review from Brent at Android Central following the link below!

아이오티 엑티브 엣지 자전거 거치대 9TO5TOYS 리뷰!

9to5Toys reviewed the iOttie Active Edge Bike & Bar Mount. Read their awesome review below and learn more about the product from a real users perspective!

아이오티 미고 셀카봉 리뷰

Check out this great iOttie MiGo Review by Curt Blanchard! 

아이오티 이지원터치 2 자동차 거치대

Check out the full review on the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 by Larry @ Run Around Tech

FOX NEWS 31 DENVER에 소개된 아이오티!

iOttie was recently featured on Fox News Denver's holiday accessory review! Check the link out below to see for yourself ! Special thanks to Kirk Yuhke for taking the time to review the product on his segment! 

컨슈머 리포트에서 최고의 제품으로 평가받은 아이오티 거치대!

"For our money, the iOttie HCLRIO102 stood out in this group, being stable, convenient, and attractively priced. Further, by being a universal mount, it may even fit your next phone." - Jim Travers, Consumer Reports