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July 30th, 2015

MiGo Testers

Posted by: Paul

To say that our team is enthusiastic about the release of the MiGo Selfie Stick would be an understatement. Each and every employee at iOttie has taken part in the development of this exciting project.
The last few months we’ve received several production samples of the MiGo to check the details of the design, and the functionality of the product. Each time one was delivered a few different employees took on the responsibility of testing it themselves. We would ask ourselves “Is it lightweight? Is the pole long enough to capture our view in the image? Is it comfortable to hold? Does it take a good quality picture?” etc. We were all so happy with the product that it eventually got difficult to find a MiGo in the office- everyone wanted to take them home!
A few adjustments have been made since the first production sample that we received, and we think our selfie stick is just about ready for its release! Over the last couple of months we’ve collected some images from our team testing out the MiGo, which we have shared above. We think you’re all going to be just as excited as we are to use it once it’s released! ​

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July 17th, 2015


Posted by: Paul

Last October we moved our office in Hackensack, NJ back to the Big Apple, Midtown, Manhattan. What a change it was.
Every day we commute through Time Square to and from the office. One thing that we all noticed about the different tourists we pass and dodge on our way home is that a majority of them are using selfie sticks. Our curiosity as to why they were so attached and prone to use a stick that you hold in the air to take photos baffled us and eventually turned into one of our fun design creation projects.
The ultimate question we found ourselves asking is why are they using a product that is not so appealing to the eye? Is there a way to design a better looking and much sturdier product? Can we take on an ultimate design challenge of redesigning something that is so minimum and make it better than what it already is?
Well, a few months later we have our own selfie stick design in production! We surely answered our questions and proved to ourselves that not only can you take something so simple and make it better, but you can make it fun and exciting for customers to use.
Are you ready for Summer 2015? We sure are and we definitely cannot wait to show off our newest innovative product, here is sneak peak of our fun design creation project…the iOttie MiGo Selfie Stick. #MeAndMiGo