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May 1st, 2015

Behind the Active Edge

Posted by: Paul

The iOttie Active Edge Bike & Bar Mount was designed to give cyclists, motor heads etc, a safe place to put your valuable phone while adventuring on your bicycle, motorcycle, or dirt bike.  During even the bumpiest of rides (not on daredevil jumps) the mount will hold your phone safely and securely.
We started evolving the Active Edge at our favorite meeting place, the drawing board. We made sure to account for phones ranging from small to large- because you know, phone sizes are constantly changing.  The three arm design on the Active Edge may look edgy but was designed for pure safety, and to help avoid hitting the lock button on most every smartphone.
The connecting arm of the mount was the result of many test prototypes we built here using our favorite toy, our 3D printer. Every iteration has been tested and evaluated by our team.  This process ultimately allows us to make a stronger and more dependable product.
We are very excited for you all to use the iOttie Active Edge Bike & Bar  Mount and to take it for a ride!